Are Italian girls thin?

Let's find out if thinness of Italian girls is a myth

Twenty-five million Italians are overweight or obese. Among these, 46% of adults and 24% of under 18. Statistically, women have a lower obesity rate (9.4%) than men (11.8%). And the problem is more widespread in the South where one in three children and one in four adolescents are overweight.

thin italian girls
An italian girl from Pavia (North Italy)

These are the results of the report presented in Rome at the first Italian Obesity Summit and drawn up by the Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory Foundation in collaboration with Istat (National Statistics Office). The document emphasizes that "obesity and overweight are the second avoidable cause of cancer after smoking". Renato Lauro, president of the Ibdo Foundation, commented: "Specific attention from policy makers has now become necessary to consider this phenomenon in all its gravity"

In my opinion, northern Italian girls are taller and thinner and and have smaller breasts than southern Italian girls , of course I speak of the average, there are numerous exceptions. Moreover, unfortunately, the nutrition of the last generations has worsened, the so-called Mediterranean diet is no longer always followed, on the contrary we are witnessing an invasion of pre-packaged and high-calorie foods and drinks as well as fast-food restaurants.

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