Why should I have a subscription?

The subscription of a membership only makes sense if you would like to look at my photos in large format and in full screen mode. If you only look at the images on your mobile, it makes no sense. Members have access to photo galleries designed for viewing in full screen mode

In whole or in part they are the same kind of photos that you can also see for free. If you particularly like some of my subjects you may want to see the same subject in several different poses or even see a series of similar poses. And especially in full screen mode. Photos for subscribers are at least 2500px wide when it comes to horizontal photos, and at least 1500px high when it comes to vertical photos

What rights do members have on photos?

Members with a subscription buy the right to see all the photos contained on the site for personal use. They cannot copy and republish the photos on other sites, social networks and any other media nor can they resell their right or transfer their login credentials to the site, under penalty of cancellation of the subscription.

This function has been disabled for Italy's appeal.