End-of-summer dream

Alena's living in a small quiet town among Pavia and Piacenza (north Italy), in the middle of the Po plane (Po is the main italian river), she is a 18 yo sporty student who likes photography and posing

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Italian girls pics. Alena pretty blondie italian student in Pavia Italy

Alena and the Duomo of Pavia (the main Cathedral), in the middle flows the river Ticino

It was not a desired effect, but looking at the photo above I noticed that the colors of Alena match perfectly with the colors of the cathedral and the building in the background. Gray-ocher-blond-color skin-color of the bricks of the cathedral, all seem shades of the same basic colors

italian girl. Alena italian model posing in Pavia Italy
italian girls pics. Alena walking in Pavia, a small italian town in the north
Alena in Piazza Duomo, all the people in the Place is gazing at her
italian girls pics

During this shooting I (re) discovered how pleasant it is to walk in the company of a beautiful girl in a crowded place. Of course the looks were for my companion but I indirectly felt some attention also to my person

italian girls pics
A splendid natural frame that matches the dress and the complexion of Alena

At the very start I was not sure I wanted to work with Alena, the pictures she sent me left a great deal  to be desired (see Alena's try out pictures) . But after the shooting I was satisfied. Totally

italian girls pics
Luminous face and statuary body
italian girls pics
The light and the darkness
italian girls
Alena in the courtyard of a private house
italian girls pics

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