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Gaia from Avellino (south Italy)

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"I recently started to be interested in photography, at the age of 25.
I spent the time before this period looking for what could really excite me.

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Then I discovered bodybuilding. So, I started going to the gym, at first reluctantly, then, with the arrival of the first results, with more and more interest. And to this day, after learning method, discipline and spirit of sacrifice, I prepare myself for my first sport competitions. I went on this aspect for two substantial reasons: bodybuilding at a professional level is what pushes me to improve myself more than anything else, and the second reason is that, as a result of my physical changes, I realized that my passion for human anatomy, shapes and harmony, I would have liked to impress it in photography, and succeed in this way to transmit something so precious to me.

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And so, like a few years before for sport, I started to study everything related to the world of photography, reading, experimenting with different genres, taking care of the poses. It's a path more difficult than I imagined to get a type of photography that is not only making beautiful photos, but it is extremely stimulating, so that I will continue to pursue this interest same pace in parallel with my sport "

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