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if you ended up on this page it's probably because you have a certain interest in italian girls. Well, you're on the right page. But be careful, I must tell you now that this is not a dating site, it is a site of photo portraits, very interesting photos in my opinion but just photos, so if you're looking for a girl in the flesh maybe now you'll be a little disappointed. If you have overcome this initial disappointment you have to know that here you'll find many beautiful images of pretty Italian girls, true photoreportages, then photos but also articles, interviews, textual comments, free associations of ideas.

italian girls

And you'll find not just girls. Girls are portrayed in many beautiful italian places, so it's a different way of discovering Italy. In Italy there is so much beauty, beautiful girls and stunning architectures full of history and charm.
But I would like to reiterate and underline this point here once again: this is not a mere catalog of female photos, my goal is to add more text to the photos, then interviews, stories and so on, so I hope that the reader can enter a bit in the life of these young women and can appreciate their individuality, what makes them something unique.

italian girls

And I also hope that my work is an incentive to visit Italy, not only the most celebrated places but also the least known, the places of daily life, where the "next door" italian girls live their lives

italian girls
Have you already seen Alena in Pavia?

In which cities are the photo shoots shot? I worked mainly in northern Italy, so you will find in this magazine mainly Italian girls from the northern regions. For example Alena lives in Emilia-Romagna, between Pavia and Piacenza, Michela lives in Lombardy, in the surroundings of Pavia
Exceptionally, there may also be Italian girls living abroad, such as Valentina, a girl from Udine but residing in Paris for years.

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Valentina lives abroad, in Paris
Italian girls in cinema

as I am fanatical of Italian cinema, it may be that many of the italian girls I will portray in photos remind me of some character in the cinema

italian girls actresses
Carla del Poggio (left) and Dora Bini playing in "Maddalena 0 in condotta"

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I especially like the look of Italian girls from past decades, especially from the 30s to the 80s

Italian girls in literature

Italian girls can also be found in Italian literature. Take for example the Svevian character of Angiolina. This girl is the prototype of the young seductive and without any morality that seduces middle-aged men to have economic benefits, that umbrella dropped on purpose on the main course is just a trick to get approached by poor Emilio Brentani, an employee with the vocation for art and literature that lives a dark life. For the Brentani this meeting will be fatal, and the words of the friend sculptor Stefano Balli will be of no use to warn him. For Emilio, that woman is life itself, as opposed to the gray fate of Amalia, her sister, with whom he shares a modest apartment. These are the four main characters of Senilità, one of the most important works of italian writer Svevo

I think the literary figure of Angiolina can be well represented by one of the models that I portrayed on this site, it's Alena. Blonde, tall, very young and seductive, the portrait of health

italian girls
How are Italian girls physically?

I was born in Milan in northern Italy and I traveled to various Italian regions, I must say that it is not easy to find common anthropological and physiognomic characteristics to define italian girls. The average height has certainly increased since the post-war period so today the latin type, low, dark-skinned, dark hair, in my opinion is likely to be just a cliché.

I have recently seen statistics on wikipedia, certainly the italian girl is still on average lower than its German or Norwegian homologue, but the difference is not as big as you could imagine and, I repeat, they are only average measures, in reality in Italy you can also admire rather tall girls of stature, more frequently in northern Italy. I believe that what distinguishes Italy is now the great variety of traits, a bit as for the landscape and architecture. However do not worry, the Latin type always exists! brunette, medium-low stature, fairly "soft" or "round" forms

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To be continued soon...

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