Living in Verona Italy

My life experience in Verona Italy

My name is Andrea S., I am the author of this site, in the years 2007-2010 I lived in Verona and for this reason I wanted to collect some considerations about my long stay in the city of Verona
I had moved from Milan to Verona, the distance between the two cities is 160 km, therefore, technically I was not an "expat", in any case I think that what I am about to say can also be useful to those who come to Verona from abroad
I had chosen Verona because it is an inimitable city of art, a unique urban context, full of charm. I was very attracted to the idea of ​​living in the historic center of Verona, an open-air museum, in a beautiful old palace.

Living in Verona Italy, guide for expats and university students

It must also be said that my hometown, Milan, is much more expensive than Verona, and therefore I would have had more space in Verona than in Milan. Regarding rental apartments, the first comparison you need to make is between Verona and your city of origin. If you come from a big capital like New York or Paris, the prices will always be affordable, if you come from a small place, a little less. Specifically, I paid 700 euros per month in 2007-2010 + 50 euros for charges ( Cleaning and lighting of the common areas, use of the lift) for an 80m2 apartment. With that amount of money in Milan I would have been able to afford a studio apartment at most, and not even in the center
Many corners of the city are fairytale-like and therefore from the aesthetic side it is very satisfying to live in Verona
Evening life is also quite lively, if we just consider the places where they serve food and drinks, and the number of people out on the streets in the evening

Living in Verona Italy, guide for expats and university students

Verona has its own University and gathers students from other areas of Italy and the world, so it is possible to find a small cosmopolitan world in Verona, both for students but also obviously for the large number of tourists who invade the city center every day

I think that if I had found a girlfriend in Verona it would have been very pleasant to walk along the Adige river in the evening with that beautiful landscape in my eyes. A very sweet landscape. I would say it is the ideal place for a couple!

Living in Verona Italy, guide for expats and university students

Over time, however, I have also noticed other less pleasant aspects of the city. I was amazed at the number of religious institutes and military headquarters and barracks in the city.
I had never considered this aspect, but in fact it was not surprising, Verona was at that time the headquarters of NATO at least for all of northern Italy and also an important center of the Italian army, and I think it still is. There is an air of Order and Discipline for the city and also Conformism

The only positive note about the military is that there is an officers 'club within the walls of Castelvecchio, not a bad place for an officers' club! In a castle and with a terrace overlooking the river. Once I managed to crash a party, I was wearing an azure jacket and I walked quickly to the entrance, with ease, no one blocked me! I must say that the rooms in the club are pleasant and there were many elegant women

Verona has always had the reputation of being a right-wing city, even an extreme one, and in the 1970s it was one of the capitals of black terrorism (neo-fascists). Unlike Padua, another Venetian city, which was more politically oriented to the left

Many years have passed since the so-called "years of lead" but what I have just written you must consider it only as a piece of a puzzle: Sisters and priests, military, sympathy for the right-wing … in short, Verona is a conservative city, it's up to you to decide if you would be comfortable or not

Looking for accommodation in Verona

And now some advices for expats and students: If you are a student and do not want to live in a private apartment, know that in Verona there are also various university residences such as the Collegio Mazza , or try directy on the website of the University

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If you want to look for an apartment you can take a look at the two main Italian real estate portals: and . On these portals you can also find the list of local real estate agencies and you can contact them one by one, as I did many years ago

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