University of Pavia Italy post-graduate programs

Find out what you can do after a degree in Pavia Italy

After you graduate and celebrate this important event according to Italian traditions, you can think about following a postgraduate program

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Phd programmes

The University of Pavia provides graduate students with a unique experience.

The PhD programs offered by the University of Pavia are supervised by SAFD (Scuola di Alta Formazione Dottorale), the PhD Higher Education School. Our programs cover a wide range of topics and are organized into three disciplinary groups (macro-area): Science and Technology, Life Science, Human and Social Science.

The University of Pavia is very much involved in developing new pathways that allow graduate students not only to develop their skills useful for future careers in academia, but also the abilities necessary to be active outside the University. The Board of our PhD Higher Education School is constantly engaged in improving the quality of the PhD programs and consequently the preparation of doctoral students. In particular, the School is promoting interactions between University and Industry, as well as international programs allowing our graduate students to obtain a joint degree with other European institutions.

Our mission is to make sure that highly motivated students from all over the world will be admitted to our PhD programs and be able to successfully interact with our best faculty members.

University of Pavia Italy post-graduate programs
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Vocational programmes

The vocational programmes are scientific specialization and higher education  one-year courses to be taken after graduation from a Bachelor’s or Master’s.

They are the academic response to the market demand of new specialized professional figures.

Held by university professors and high-profile external experts, these programmes offer networking and job opportunities such as internships in companies, institutions, national and international organizations.

Attendance to the vocational programmes is incompatible with simultaneous enrollment in BA’s, Ma’s, PhD’s and teaching qualification courses.

English-taught Vocational Programmes:

Italian-taught Vocational Programmes:

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Level II Master’s:

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