If pretty girls are not sufficient

Photos of beautiful girls are found everywhere on the web and not only now: advertising, entertainment, web publishing, no area of our visual experience is spared by the presence of beautiful and attractive girls. However, this proliferation of images makes it increasingly difficult to grab the attention of the public

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Alena posing in pavia

So what is it that makes the difference between one photo and another and what sets the photos on this website apart from others?
One of the key things is the context. The context is given both by the container (layout of the site, the title of the site, and so on) and by the backgrounds of the photos

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The choice of background must be as accurate as the choice of the model

A title helps make sense of the whole work and explains it itself. The title " Italy's appeal" allows you to understand that the site is not only focused on pretty girls. They express only part of the beauty of Italy. The other part, which appears in the backgrounds, are the monuments, the architecture, the squares, the gardens and all the details that refer to distant times of which Italy is rich.

Another important element of this site is the number of photos that make up each main photo-shooting (such as: Alena in Piacenza), at least 30 or 40 photos for each subject, this conveys a greater sense of closeness between the subject and his audience. A sort of imaginary path is created through a place and the reader participates in this path.

The fact that there are so many beautiful girls and all in summer dresses naturally helps to keep interest high for the duration of the visit, many readers also send marriage proposals and all kinds of comments …

Another reason why this magazine should be interesting is that girls are not professional models, I could call them "next door girls", if this were not a category used (and abused) in other dubious sites.

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